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5700, boulevard des Galeries, Local 103, Québec, Québec, Canada, G2K 2H6

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Cosmos Lebourgneuf - The festive spot

At Cosmos Lebourgneuf, we have made it our mission to welcome the workers and families who have chosen this emerging sector by making it even more effervescent in our own way! Our greatest pride: proving in the heat of the moment that you don't have to travel all the way to the heart of the city to have a quality time! Our inimitable dining room has become the runway for countless celebrations and lively happy hours! Multicolored, surreal, enhanced by a giant screen and dotted with intimate seats reminiscent of beehives, it allows us to create moments as magical as they are unforgettable!

Bachelorette party? Take advantage of our Thursday promotion, 4 girls a bottle! Got a promotion? We have the big plate of ribs to celebrate! Did she say "yes"? Shooters for everyone! With music from our live DJ and great acoustics, enjoy a total immersion that will enhance your pleasure, LB9 style!

Often copied, never equaled!

The Cosmos has been defining the lounge restaurant experience in Quebec City for more than 25 years! Our two establishments, with their stylish decor and diversified atmospheres, lend themselves to all occasions: a family brunch, a full-course dinner, a romantic outing, not to mention the famous 5 to 7 for vibing with friends.

Presented in generous portions, our diversified menu is also certified Aliments du Québec. Available from morning till the evening, it includes:

  • 30 well-stocked breakfast plates
  • 40 appetizers and entrees for all your lunch and dinner cravings
  • A lunch menu with a choice of 5 new daily options
  • 15 delicious homemade desserts prepared by Céline Moray and her team
  • 20 decadent cocktails, including our famous raspberry mojito
  • Microbrewery beers and a wine list created by our sommelier.

For a group event, ask about our lounges and private spaces: we will suggest the formula that will guarantee the success of your event.

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Veuillez noter que pendant le Festival d'été de Québec, le Cosmos Grande Allée propose un menu réduit pour améliorer le service en cette période achalandée.

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